Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to an Amazing Man!

Jamie's New Year's resolution this year was to write a thank-you note to someone daily.  I joked that I'd better get mine within the first couple of weeks!  I didn't.  To be honest, I forgot all about his resolution and I think he did too for a while.  Last week I was confused when I got our mail and found a card addressed to me in Jamie's hand-writing.  I didn't realize until I opened it that it was my turn to be thanked.

My card read:
"Janelle - Thank you for giving me the greatest gift in the world and doing it with grace, style and humor.  I love you more than words can say.  p.s. pretty exciting to make the list of "thank yous" huh?"

I both cried and laughed at the same time.  Well I sure couldn't have done it without you, Jamie!
Jamie seeing his daughter for the first time

Everyone told me that I would have a new found love of my husband after he became a father and everyone was right!  From the moment we found out I was pregnant our lives changed so much.    Jamie started looking for projects that would make our lives easier once Harper arrived.  The day after we found out we were having a girl, Jamie got to work painting the nursery and putting together furniture.  When I almost had an anxiety attack when my etsy tree wall decal arrived, Jamie told me to step back and he'd take care of it.  When I told Jamie I wanted a natural water birth, he supported my decision,.  The same goes for cloth diapers, although we both decided they weren't for us after a week of using them!  When I was sitting up in bed reading books on child-birth and breastfeeding, Jamie was right next to me reading books on what the father should do and expect.  He watched the Lamaze video three times at my request so he could help me breathe in labor.  Jamie attended every appointment I had during my pregnancy because he didn't want to miss the opportunity to hear his daughter's heartbeat.

Jamie was so supportive during my pregnancy.  Of course that support only became stronger while I was in labor and even stronger when we brought our new baby girl home. As anyone who has a child knows, the first few weeks are very rough.  Jamie was so understanding and supportive and never got frustrated with my frustrations.

Last weeks, someone joked to Jamie "I bet you change a lot of poopy diapers", as if he doesn't.  Jamie said "Yes, as a matter of fact I do." He feeds her, changes her, plays with her and loves her.  His face lights up every time he gets home from work and sees her, as does hers when she sees him.  I joke it's because she thinks she's looking in the mirror. :) Jamie is a VERY hands on father.

Jamie is the most amazing husband and father I could ever ask for and I'm so excited for Harper to grow up with such a loving, caring father. 

Jamie's new favorite thing to do!

Proud papa
So this Father's day Harper and I would like to steal a quote from Big Nutbrown Hare..
We love you to the moon and back Daddy!

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