Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our first family vacation at the lake house

Mom and Dad purchased a lake home in Park Falls, WI on Butternut Lake for our entire family to enjoy.  We all spent Memorial Day weekend there and Jamie and I decided that we would go up there for 10 days this summer.

The lake house
We arrived on Friday, June 29th and stayed through Sunday, July 7th.

Our first weekend we were joined by Ben, Karen, Hannah and Jack.  They are such a fun family!  I've never seen such a happy baby and sweet little girl!  We had lots of fun watching Hannah play in the boat and learn how to fish!  She also taught me a thing or two about little kid games on the Ipad.  Wow how times have changed since I was a child! The guys took some fishing trips and took turns making meals for all of us.  We also ordered pizza from the local lodge.

Jamie and Karen fishing off the dock

Ben, Karen, Hannah and Jack
Their family returned home on Monday, July 2nd.  Jamie and I relaxed with Harper that evening and on Tuesday, the 3rd.  Jamie did some fishing, I did some kayaking and Harper did some sleeping!

Daddy and Harper
Nap Time!
Happy Girl :)
Mommy, Harper and JJ laying out
Mom arrived on Tuesday evening and we sat in the sunroom with a view of the lake catching up.  We decided to rent a pontoon on the 4th.  Mom and dad have a fishing boat up there and we have a jet boat, but we decided a pontoon would be more ideal for Harper.  She LOVED being on the boat!  The lake is about 1000 acres so we'd cruise around for a while and then stop back for a bite to eat and then go back out again.  We stayed out until sunset.  It was SO MUCH FUN!

Happy 4th of July!
Family picture on the pontoon
Mom driving the boat!
Me & my baby girl
A drink at the bar while mom watches Harper
Mom left on the 5th and Jamie and I did more resting and relaxing.
Beautiful sunsets
The boys did a lot of relaxing too!
Friday, July 6th, Ty, Joella and Delilah arrived.  It is so fun watching Delilah interact with Harper.  She loves her little cousin SO much!  After the girls went to bed, we played the newlywed game and then had our first official campfire with roasted marshmallows!  Saturday we decided to rent another pontoon and spent the day on it!  Harper didn't mind her "boat coat" one bit and Delilah found one she doesn't mind wearing as well!  We did a lot of floating around while the boys fished off of the boat.
Cousins :)


Delilah was sure to keep both hands on the wheel!

Harper relaxing in her boat coat
We did a lot in that 10 days.. fishing, boating, floating, sitting in the sunshine, campfires, kayaking, roasting marshmallows, drives to town, walks, watching sunsets, and so much more!  It was definitely a vacation we will never forget, and we can't wait to do it again next year!

This view will NEVER get old!


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  2. I could just take a nap right there at the edge of the lake! Hopefully, I don’t fall off. It really is fun just being out there and enjoying the view. And since the kiddies are still at an age when they’re easy to handle, you don’t have to worry much about looking out for them and just enjoy yourselves.