Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Harper meets Henry

It seems fitting that Harper and Henry were born exactly 7 weeks apart, both at 10:28 on a Thursday morning, both by Tracey Bolden.  Henry's mom, Emily, and I met during pregnancy.  Jamie and I were swimming at the Y one night and we noticed a pregnant lady swimming in the lane next to us.  Jamie said "hey look, a pregnant lady, haven't you been looking for someone pregnant to hang out with?" I said "yeah, should I just go up to her and say "I noticed you're pregnant, let's be friends!"" Ha! we went about our swim and left the pool without giving it a second thought.

The following Monday at yoga there was a "new girl" who had just moved back to town.  Her name was Emily.  After class, she asked me if I was at the Y the previous week.  Small world!  A couple weeks later Jamie and I attended our water birth class.  Also in attendance were Emily and her husband, LJ.  In the next week or so I ran into Emily at the Co-op, Waterfront and at Gundersen.  I realized we were probably meant to be friends!  Emily and I started chatting and realized that we had very similar birth plans.  We both wanted a natural birth, a water birth if possible, to nurse, use cloth diapers, etc. etc.  It was great having a pregnant friend to discuss plans, concerns, etc. with.  It's even better having a new mom to talk to who has recently gone through everything I'm currently going through!

Emily and Henry brought me and Harper lunch today.  Well, Henry and Harper had their milk but Emily and I had a yummy lunch from the co-op.  It was great to catch up and talk about what went as planned, what we hadn't expected, we we struggled with and what we love about being mamas!  We agreed that we need to get together again soon.  Maybe even take the babies to the park!

I'm certain Harper and Henry are going to be great friends some day.  Emily and I might already be planning their first prom! :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

This has been my favorite Mother's Day so far!  That might have something to do with it being my first Mother's Day as a mama!  We started celebrating yesterday.  Jamie let me open my card and present a day early.  Harper got me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings.  Diamond happens to be her birthstone and I may have, for months, hinted that it might be neat to get a pair! :)  Jamie joked that he almost bought me a canoe instead since he was having trouble getting someone to help him in the jewelry dept. and spotted a canoe that was $100 cheaper!  My girlfriend, Lauren, asked what I'd do if he'd got me the canoe instead... I said I'd buy him a pair of diamond earrings for Father's Day! ;)

I then took mom to get manis and pedis and do some quick shopping while Jamie and Rudy Joe took care of Harper.

This morning I woke up to Jamie attempting to make breakfast in bed for me.  I had yummy french toast with my beautiful baby in my arm.

We go to church every Mother's Day, but today that was a special occasion too.  Harper got dedicated this morning at Bethany Evangelical Free.  13 children got dedicated at the service this morning.  Harper was the youngest, and the cutest! :-)

Our brunch tradition on Mother's day is Waterfront Restaurant.  We went with mom, dad, Rudy Joe, Joella, Ty Delilah, Grandma Viv and Ann.  We had a great brunch which Harper slept right through!

Normally I would let everyone pass Harper around the table but, since it was "our" day, I held her the entire time.
Below is a picture of Harper on our way to brunch.  I'm now that mom who rides in the back with the baby :-)

I am so blessed to have an amazing mother who is also one of my best friends!  I only hope that some day Harper and I are as close as I am to my mommy!

Happy Mother's Day!