Hello Everyone!
I haven't been great about keep up on the blog that we started, so I thought I'd just email a couple of updates.
Harper turned 4 months old on Sunday. We can't believe how fast the time is going! Jamie and I agree that we could not have asked for a better baby! Harper is a very happy little girl and is a great sleeper! She "talks" and giggles a lot these days! She's cutting teeth, so everything she can get her hands on goes directly into her mouth! Her favorite teething toy is Sophie the giraffe from her great aunt Melissa!
She enjoys her days at "daycare" with auntie Lala, cousin Delilah, uncle "Don" and 2 afternoons a week with grandma Bev! Coming back to work full-time was not easy, but it's been so assuring to know that she's with family :)
Her favorite activity is still bath time. She could sit in there for hours splashing her feet! Her tub came with a little squirt bottle and her latest is reaching out to the water that sprays out of it. She seems mesmerized by that little bottle of water!
Jamie and I took a lot of time making Harper's nursery exactly how we wanted it. We will now have the opportunity to do this again in our new home!! That's right, we finally sold our duplex on Indian Hill and purchased a home off of Sand Lake Road in Onalaska. We looked at several homes in a short amount of time and this one is PERFECT! It is across the street from a park and has a huge front window that we can look out and see the park! I think this will come in handy when Harper and her someday brother or sister get older!
We will be closing on October 26th so these next couple of months will be busy, busy! We are hopeful that we will be able to get settled and have a little housewarming party before the snow falls. I will keep you all posted!
As always, Jamie and I are feeling very blessed these days! We are enjoying every moment of parenthood and just don't know how life could get any better!! :-)