Monday, December 3, 2012

It's been over 3 Months!

I can't believe it has been over 3 months since I posted to this blog,  I guess I'm not much of a blogger.  We have been very busy these past few months!  Harper is now 7 months and 1 week old.  She turned 6 months old the day we closed on our new home.  We've been very busy making lots of improvements and I'm happy to say it finally feels like home.  We are in love with our new neighborhood and Jamie has already become "besties" with our next door neighbor.  We have a beautiful deck and back yard, plenty of space for Harper to play and a park across the street.  Harper's favorite parts of the new home are the carpeted area downstairs, the stairs and the fireplace.

Harper playing in her new bedroom
Harper crawls all over the place now.  She started crawling the weekend after we moved in.  I swear only days after she learned to crawl, she started standing up on furniture.  She's a quick learner and her daycare provider is pretty sure she'll be walking soon!  I can't believe how big she's getting so fast!  She now has 3 teeth with a 4th on the way.  She's constantly babbling and singing.  Her favorite word is "dadadadada".  I say "mama" and she responds "dada" with a smirk!  She gives hugs and kisses.  She still loves looking at herself in the mirror and can now stand up and give it kisses!  She's getting more impossible to change and get dressed because she rolls everywhere and is always trying to escape.  I'm guessing the changing table will soon turn into a book shelf because we have to change her on the floor now.  She loves crawling around on the couch and throwing herself into the pillows.  We just started having her sit up on her own in the bathtub.  She likes splashing in the water but immediately tries to recline back because she's so used to taking her baths like that. 

Harper showing off her teeth at Delilah's 3rd Birthday Party

Harper started going to daycare October 15th.  It wasn't easy and was a big adjustment, but it's going really well.  She's happy when we drop her off and happy when we pick her up.  It makes it so much easier that she gets a big smile on her face when she sees the ladies there in the mornings.  She often comes home with art projects too, which generally consist of stamps of her hands and feet :)

We moved just in time for Halloween at our new house.  We were excited to see all of the trick or treaters since we only got 5-10 at our old home.  This neighborhood didn't dissapoint :)  We had a steady flow of trick or treaters and even got visited by some friends!  We dressed Harper up as an elephant, although she had no idea what was going on.

Cutest elephant ever!

A couple of weeks after we moved in, we celebrated my 31st birthday with family and friends.  It is so nice to have the space to have people over to hang out!  That Sunday Lisa, Mike and Reagan arrived!  It was so fun introducing Harper and Reagan (cousins who are just 5 weeks apart).  It was so fun to watch them interact and see their very different personalities.  Of course it was also wonderful getting to spend time with Mike and Lisa!  Grandma Bev and Grandma Ann watched the babies one night so we could go out to dinner at Waterfront.  We also had some professional pictures of the kiddos taken by my great friend and wonderful photographer, Nicole!

My birthday celebration.

Harper & Reagan holding hands


We celebrated Thanksgiving at my mom's house this year.  It was so great having both my family and Jamie's all together for a holiday!  The food was amazing and it was very relaxing.  Jamie deep fried the turkey for the first time and it was so delicious!  Joella captured a few cute pictures of Delilah and Harper.  They sure do love each other!
Delilah and Harper playing on Thanksgiving

Last weekend we put up our first real tree.  We have a beautiful front window and vaulted ceilings so Jamie didn't mess around and got the tallest tree he could find.  We had fun decorating it and listening to Christmas music.  Harper got to see it the next morning and, of course, immediately reached out to grab it and, I'm sure, put it in her mouth!

Our beautiful Christmas tree!

Sunday I worked at our Santa event at work and Jamie and Harper came to get a picture on Santa's lap.  She did a great job, although she wouldn't look at the camera :)

We've had lots of fun taking walks in our new neighborhood.  We have sidewalks now!! 

I could go on and on about all of the things that happend the past 3 months.  We celebrated Delilah's 3rd birthday, Rudy Joe turned 16, Jamie and I did some oktoberfesting and celebrated Spah's 40th birthday, Harper went to her first "friend" birthday party when Ethan turned 1  and on and on.  Obviously I need to blog more often!

We have a very fun holiday weekend planned this year, so I'll try to take pictures and blog shortly after :)

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