Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

This has been my favorite Mother's Day so far!  That might have something to do with it being my first Mother's Day as a mama!  We started celebrating yesterday.  Jamie let me open my card and present a day early.  Harper got me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings.  Diamond happens to be her birthstone and I may have, for months, hinted that it might be neat to get a pair! :)  Jamie joked that he almost bought me a canoe instead since he was having trouble getting someone to help him in the jewelry dept. and spotted a canoe that was $100 cheaper!  My girlfriend, Lauren, asked what I'd do if he'd got me the canoe instead... I said I'd buy him a pair of diamond earrings for Father's Day! ;)

I then took mom to get manis and pedis and do some quick shopping while Jamie and Rudy Joe took care of Harper.

This morning I woke up to Jamie attempting to make breakfast in bed for me.  I had yummy french toast with my beautiful baby in my arm.

We go to church every Mother's Day, but today that was a special occasion too.  Harper got dedicated this morning at Bethany Evangelical Free.  13 children got dedicated at the service this morning.  Harper was the youngest, and the cutest! :-)

Our brunch tradition on Mother's day is Waterfront Restaurant.  We went with mom, dad, Rudy Joe, Joella, Ty Delilah, Grandma Viv and Ann.  We had a great brunch which Harper slept right through!

Normally I would let everyone pass Harper around the table but, since it was "our" day, I held her the entire time.
Below is a picture of Harper on our way to brunch.  I'm now that mom who rides in the back with the baby :-)

I am so blessed to have an amazing mother who is also one of my best friends!  I only hope that some day Harper and I are as close as I am to my mommy!

Happy Mother's Day!

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